Saturday, 13 August 2011

Tools we need to install

Make sure when you download these you get all 64 bit or all 32 bit. Mixing and matching doesn't always work. 
Below is the name and location of all the tools needed to run this server stack and the version that it was build and tested with 

Built against version
Java 6 Update 3
Community Server 5.5.15 And Workbench 5.2.34

There is lots of great information out there on how to install these tools, so I won't go into too many details. I will just cover the slightly more confusing parts.
- After installing Java make sure the environment variables are setup correctly. On Windows 7 you can type in "system" in the start menu, then select "system" under the control panel divider. Now select "Advanced system settings" on the right, then Environment Variables. 
Under the system variables, we need to make sure there is a - JAVA_HOME - system variable. This is the directory where the Java 6 SDK is installed. (default C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.6.0_24) If there is not one click the new and use the Variable name: JAVA_HOME and Variable value: your install directory for the jdk.
We also need to update the - PATH - system variable to include the bin directory for java. (default ;%JAVA_HOME%\bin) If it is not there just add it to the end of the Variable value: when hitting edit
After installing tomcat, it is advisable to turn off the tomcat service since you don't need it always running. To do this type "services" in the start menu, Find Apache Tomcat 7 and right click to get properties. Now under start-up type set it to manual.
To install maven see the readme.txt that comes with maven.

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