Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Maven and eclipse part 2

Installing the maven eclipse plugin:

In my previous post i described how to use Maven to build an eclipse project to import. Now i will describe how to use the Maven Integration for Eclipse plugin to import a Maven project.

From the help menu select the Eclipse marketplace

Then search for the maven plugin

Then click the install button on the Maven Integration for Eclipse.

Then click next and finish the installation.

Once you have installed the maven Integration for Eclipse, we can import our maven projects.
Open the File menu then select the import option.

From the import menu, we want to import an Existing Maven project. This is located under the Maven folder.

Now browse to the root directory of your project. This is the folder with your parent maven pom file.

Now you can select finish. This will import your project as a Maven project using the Maven integration.

You can now build the project automatically using Maven from Eclipse.

One issue i ran into with Maven in combination with eclipse and wtp is that it wasn't deploying my other pom dependencies correctly so i had to disable "Resolve dependencies from Workspace projects" from the properties menu

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